Imagine an advertisement platform that has helped you meet your ideal customers based on what they want, their desires, and their actions. A service to save you time and money by optimizing the distribution of your ad to get your message in front of those who are most likely to convert. 

With Facebook ads, a platform used by many eCommerce entrepreneurs, that’s what you get, especially those just starting out without a lot of advertising experience or a large budget to spend. MEDIAMIX is one of the best social media agency in Delhi and understands the need for Facebook Ads for any business. As with Facebook ads, anyone can boost their business growth, as long as they are prepared to learn the basics. In this article, MEDIAMIX describes the different types of ads that are available for any business or brand promotion. Let’s make Facebook ads simplified by knowing these types.



  • Image Ads 


A perfect way to get started with Facebook advertisements is with these easy ads. By enhancing an existing post with an image from your Facebook Page, you can create one with just a few clicks.

Images ads are useful for running awareness ads so that people can come to know about your brand.



  • Video Ads


In the News Feed and Stories, video advertisements can run, or they can appear in longer Facebook videos as in-stream ads. Like this short demo video ad from We Are Knitters, video advertising can show your team or your product in action. 

There’s no need for your online ads to use filmed video clips. Like in this ad from the New York Times, you can also make GIF-like graphics or other animations to catch attention or illustrate your bid. 



  • Slideshow Ads


Slideshow ads provide a simple way to create a series of still images, text, or existing video clips to create short video ads. You can choose stock photos directly from the Advertising Manager if you don’t have your own pictures. 

Like videos, slideshow advertisements have eye-catching movement but use five times less bandwidth, so even for people on sluggish internet connections, they load well. They’re a convenient way to attract attention, with a low impact.



  • Carousel Ads


In a single ad unit, the carousel ad format lets you view up to 10 images and/or videos, headlines, and connections, or calls to action. 

For eCommerce advertisers looking to promote several items from their store, or for marketers looking to promote various posts and deals to see what works and draws their audience leads, it is extremely helpful. 



  • Lead Generation Ads


Lead ads are only available for mobile devices and they are specifically designed to make it easy for individuals without a lot of typing to send you their contact details. They are perfect for obtaining subscriptions to the newsletter, subscribing to anyone to test your product, or even enabling people to ask you for more details. If you looking for a marketing agency then MEDIAMIX has mastered the field of lead generation services and can generate effective leads for your business.



  • Canvas Ads


Canvas is an interactive ad that enables users to connect on Facebook with your content and is actually only accessible on mobile because of the way we interact with mobile devices. 

With Canvas, the targeted audience can easily swipe or explore the canvas in all the direction, making it easier to understand. Canvas also loads 10 times faster than traditional mobile web apps! 



  • Collection Ads 


These paid Facebook advertising, offered only for mobile devices, allow you to view five items that customers can click to purchase. 

Collection ads combine with Instant Interactions to encourage individuals to purchase your goods without ever leaving Facebook (more on those below). To make online shopping quick and easy with on-the-go feasibility then these ads are preferred.



  • Offer Ads


The offer claim objective allows you to customize your advertising with calls-to-action specific to the offer, whether you have discounts, holiday sales, or content-specific offers to promote through Facebook ads. For instance, if you give something that is only good for the first 500 sign-ups, as in the ad example below, you could use a “Learn More” call-to-action. 



  • Post Engagement Ads


You can push more engagement on individual posts and broaden its original scope with Facebook post engagement ads. This allows you to create more activity on your posts and helps you easily get more organic followers by giving them the kinds of posts they can see more of if they follow you.



  • Event Response Ads 


You could consider using the local awareness ad form to drive brand awareness in specific geographic regions, whether you have a new store opening or just want to raise awareness of one of the current locations of your store. This type of ad is largely the same as brand awareness advertising, but through location, it will be more focused and targeted. 



  • Page Likes Ads


The go-to advertising for maximizing your Likes page is Page Like Ads. They can be seen on all placements and provide a visible call to action for users to like your page immediately.


These are different types of Facebook ads that you can use to run your business awareness and promotion campaign with the right targeting of audience. Looking for the right Facebook ads strategy, shoot your mail to MEDIAMIX as they provide one of the best social media marketing services in Delhi.

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