There are roughly 2 billion active users and millions of business pages that are active on Facebook, making it the greatest stomping ground for advertisers seeking to bring their products to notice. 

And the site has the most rabid user base of any social platform by far, with 53 percent of users claiming to be “always-on” Facebook. 

Although there is undoubtedly plenty of publicity to go around on Facebook, the rivalry is fierce for the precious time and attention of your prospects. 

That’s why advertisers need to pay careful attention to how they handle their presence on Facebook. Often, in terms of success, it is the more subtle aspects of your content strategy or page configuration that could make the most difference.

We at MEDIAMIX have listed down the best 7 ideas to market your brand on Facebook and stay ahead of your competitors! Check these amazing ideas now.

Be specific while targeting your audience

Targeting the right audience is one of the crucial ways which the majority of people running a business on social media platforms tend to miss. Running your business profitably makes sure you target specific people, just remember you don’t go super niche as this might have poor audience strength.

Boost engagement with contest and giveaways

People tend to attract towards giveaways and content which are happening all over the social media platform. This is one of the best ways to grab the audience’s attention and get more engagement from them. Want to make your contest worth and build your online presence then Media Mix can come up with a creative strategy for your brand.

Attract the audience with short entertaining videos

On Facebook, Content which is in the video format is more likely to perform better as it has more watch time and retention time. If you want to make your brand reach a mass audience then create an entertaining video that depicts your business. Social media platforms are the best source of getting viral so maybe your video might get viral.

Use directional or eye-catching contact elements to grab the attention

People get converted only when they are shown a path or direction to do a particular task. This is one of the ways to direct people and get their attention. Take advantage of this reality to concentrate the attention of viewers on the most significant portion of your Facebook ad. For example, you could view a picture with a person looking at or pointing to the text if you have a strong call-to-action.

Target people who are already connected with you on Facebook

If you target people who already have an interest in your business then it’s highly a win-win situation for your brand. Converting this type of audience is much easier. Want to enhance brand value and connect with more people then drop your message with Media Mix, they are one of the best Facebook marketing service provider.

Promote your best content

It’s always the best content that can fetch quality results for your business. Whenever you think of promoting then use your best content and connect with more people on Facebook. The best content is the one that resonates more with your targetted audience.

Make use of Emojis in your Facebook marketing

Emojis shows emotion and people tend to connect with emotion. 92 percent of online users use emojis, according to AdWeek, and regular users believe emojis express their emotions more precisely than words. Emojis are sort of like babies and dogs, much like people like them. Use emojis to add personality and emotion to your text in your Facebook marketing messages.


Make the best ROI with Media Mix while running advertisements on social media platforms. If you looking for branding and social media advertising then Media Mix is the one-stop solution.

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