Twitter should be a part of the marketing campaign, with more than 145 million active daily users. It’s the fifth most popular social media network, and it’s a gold mine of insights and opportunities for customers to develop your brand, boost sales, and win fans.

Twitter is a social media platform that is used to build conversation and is the need of the brand to get visibility with the mass audience.  MEDIA MIX has listed down the 10 best ways to marketize on Twitter.


  1. Identify the right handle name, profile picture, and header image

People will use your handle to find your page when someone tries to search for your name. 

Just a tip you can keep your name constant across all social media pages. You might confuse followers or make your page difficult to find if you use a name that is different from your brand or company name.

Use a neat and clean image for your brand so that your audience can differentiate yourself from other people on Twitter.


  1. Showcase your personality through your BIO

Your Twitter bio is a 160-character location right under your profile photo to showcase your brand. You need a killer one to be made. You can show your brand value through BIO, after reading your BIO people will come to know about you and will follow your brand.


  1. Share tweet at the optimum time

When people are more active on Twitter, there are some days of the week or times of day, meaning they will potentially be more likely to engage with your tweets. 

You’ll gain more views, improve interest, and get loads of clicks by recognizing those hours and days and posting during them.


  1. Make usage of hashtags to a minimum

Tweets which are having hashtags tend to gain 2x more engagement as compared to tweets with no hashtags. Make sure you use few hashtags in your tweet as tweets with more than two hashtags display a 17 percent decline in interaction.


  1. Use images to increase reach

You’ll get more likes and clicks than tweets without photos as compared to tweets when you add images to your tweets. Just make sure you choose the right image which is eye-catching and attractive to your audience.


  1. Make use of video content to boost engagement

Videos perform really good on any social media platforms as they are more engaging and attractive. Video from Twitter enables users Twitter to capture a new video from a smartphone or upload an existing video.


  1. Push engagement with Polls

One of the easiest ways to push engagement on Twitter is to create polls by this you can increase your activity and get showed up to more people.


  1. Be creative in your CTA

Don’t be a boring person when it comes to CTA as people love connection and creativity. Try showing your style of creativity in CTA as by this you can gain more traction with the audience.


  1. Connect with influencers for more Reach

When it gets more reach than connecting with more influencers will be a good idea. When you connect with an influencer your content gets boosted.


  1. Take part in the conversation on a Twitter chat

If you connect with more people on Twitter then you must take part in the conversation and build an online presence from there.

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